If you ever wondered why the VASI/PAPI should be included in your scan.

According to the NTSB, too few Cirrus pilots include this valuable tool in their scan—landing accidents are the result. Unfortunately not enough instructors teach the stabilized approach concept because some mistakenly say “stabilized approaches are only for jet pilots”.

According to the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook and Cirrus FOM, a Cirrus pilot should establish and maintain approximately 80-85kts (depending on model), full flaps, and red over white on the VASI/PAPI by at least 500’ agl. Failure to heed this recommendation has lead to countless Cirrus landing accidents.

The NTSB reminds us to break the habit of “seat of the pants” approaches and adopt the recommended stabilized approach and landing concept. You just might find that your landings are now better and safer!

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