Instrument Rating Course

low IFR chart Cirrus aircraft SR20 G6

Considering getting your Instrument Rating? Want to train with expert instructors in the safest most modern airplane in the world? Then come join us here at Gold Standard Aviation and train in our safe, fast, efficient and capable Cirrus aircraft. 

Our Instrument Rating Course is a dynamic intensive training program, which drills the essential theory and hands-on techniques required to master real instrument flying. We will teach you skills to ace what you need to know in the real world of IFR flying; we keep it simple, to allow you to see the big picture, no unnecessary information will be taught.
Schedule your introductory lesson in one of our air-conditioned Cirrus Aircraft today and get started on this adventure.


  1. Private Pilot Certificate
  2. Minimum 30 Aircraft hours plus 10 hours in our FAA approved simulator in actual or simulated instrument conditions
  3. Minimum 50 hours PIC cross-country aircraft time
  4. Ground School 60 hours average
  5. Successful completion of knowledge exam and practical test
  6. Estimate 12 weeks of training based on 2 lessons/week
  7. Accelerated training is available (2-4 week duration)
  8. Approximate cost starts at $7,000 (depending on experience)