GARMIN 430, 580, G1000 or Avidyne Bootcamp

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Are you intimidated by the GARMIN or Avidyne in your aircraft?, Are you using it properly and safely?, Have you ever experienced button and switch hell?, Do you want to learn tricks and tips to make your flight drama-free?... then, this is the bootcamp you need!

It is a dynamic and intensive one-on-one training program in our aircraft or yours designed to teach you the fundamentals of using the GARMIN or Avidyne; feel confident navigating through the chapters, pages and soft-keys to easily and smoothly perform basic and advanced procedures in all phases of flight.   Our instructors will drill the essential theory and hands-on practice needed to make every flight safe and drama-free.

After a comprehensive and concise ground school using an in-aircraft simulator you will have the fundamental knowledge to move on to the aircraft in flight where we will teach you to apply the knowledge learned. We keep it simple, to allow you to see the big picture, no unnecessary information will be taught. It is generally given in either a half day or full day training session depending on equipment proficiency.

Yes, contact us for pricing and availability. Starting at $350 (based on a Cirrus SR20 Perspective and average proficiency)

This program could be easily accomplished in a weekend. If you are from out of town fly in to our facility or let us come to yours. Start mastering the skills needed to fly like a pro whether it’s in a Cessna, Cirrus or Citation.

To PURCHASE & schedule your class contact, call 305 804-2166. Do not purchase online.