Recurrent/Refresher Training

All professional pilots must complete refresher and recurrent training every three to six months to maintain a safe cockpit. A flight review every 24 calendar months does not equal proficiency. Our Cirrus Refresher and Recurrent courses can help you meet the requirements to fill that safety gap.
The Recurrent Course is designed to provide the necessary training to maintain proficiency and safety of flight. A 90 Day Refresher course is also recommended along with a six month recurrent check schedule.

90 Day Refresher Course (½ Day of Training)

  • Refine skills from initial transition training
  • Course focuses heavily on: Landing accuracy
  • Review of normal procedures
  • Basic aircraft handling
  • Download Syllabus here: 90 Day Refresher Course

    6 Month Recurrent Course (1/2 to full day of Training)

    • Landing accuracy
    • Instrument currency (basic attitude instrument flying if not instrument rated)
    • Abnormal operations
    • Scenario based training
    • CFIT avoidance
    • Assessment of SRM skills
    • Re-establishing personal minimums
    • A Flight Review/Instrument Proficiency Check will be issued upon completion
    • Download Syllabus here: