Thomas Horne, Editor - AOPA Magazine

Jack Boyd is a gem of an instructor. A real find, in my opinion. He’s as knowledgeable as he is patient, and his calm is somehow contagious—just what you need when in such a comprehensive, fast-paced training environment. 

Best regards, Thomas A. Horne Editor-at-Large AOPA Pilot magazine 

Roland Berecz, MD

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Jack Boyd who made it possible during an intense and demanding week of training in the Citation Mustang for me to successfully pass my check ride starting with zero jet experience. He is an exceptionally professional instructor and was able to intuitively increase the cockpit demand to the necessary level. Beside his outstanding instructor qualities, he is also a really nice and friendly person who has immense experience in aviation and ready to pass all the tips and tricks which make the learning process much easier. Thank you Jack.

Tim Robbins - Private Pilot, Cirrus Owner

Flying to the Bahamas is something every private pilot should absolutely do! I had the pleasure of flying a Cirrus SR22 with Jack Boyd flight instructor extraordinaire, to many of the Islands of the Bahamas. I say this because Jack is truly a pleasure to fly with and receive instruction from. Before this trip I had mostly flown SR20 aircraft but I  wanted to transition to the high performance of an SR22.  
There is information that you need to know in order to do this and you will find no one better or more fun to travel with than Jack.  It is imperative that you follow all regulations and laws completely and fully. This was very easy to do when you are with someone experienced in this. If you know what has to be done going out, it will be a lot easier, and you won't be disappointed coming back home.
Jack and I flew to 13 different airports, each having its own challenge and beauty. What you experience flying at a comfortable altitude over the gorgeous Caribbean waters with scenic landscapes and cumulus clouds drifting by cannot possibly be described with words. What a perfect way to pass a couple days away flying, learning, seeing beautiful scenery and making new friends.  You have to do it! You must!

David Lustgarten - Private Pilot

What a great time!!! 16 Airports, 12 AOE, 10 + Flying hours, 2 days, Beautiful Turquoise water and unpolluted Blue Skies, Friendly people all over, White sandy beaches, great food and an amazing Bahama's Challenge. It is not only a great experience, but flying with Jack was a great training exercise as well. Navigation, International Travel, crossing ADIZ, Radio Comm, Island Hopping, low altitude cruising, Instrument Flying, Take off and Landing techniques in different type of airports makes this trip a MUST DO to everybody who enjoys General Aviation. After All, that's the purpose of flying!!! Jack, thank you very much for joining me on this amazing experience and I Hope to organize trips like this very soon.


Marx Ferreira, Safety Specialist / Commercial Pilot FAA Specialization Courses in Aviation Safety (PE-Safety) Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

​I went to school thinking it would be just another training session like all the others. I never imagined it would be much better than I thought. Advanced training rooms, instructors much more than prepared, everyone welcomed me with a smile and always ready to help me. The training program was very good, all the points that we did are very important for a Cirrus Pilot. I really would like to say thank you for giving me Jack Boyd as my instructor, I have no words to describe him, a really good pilot, instructor and person, all my questions he answered and explained step by step. We had a great time in the skies and in my ground training.