Private Pilot Course

learn to fly become a private pilot in Miami
Considering getting your pilot certificate? Want to train with expert instructors in the safest most modern airplane in the world? Then come join us here at Gold Standard Aviation and learn to fly and be safe in our fast, efficient and capable aircraft. The speed of the Cirrus, it’s advanced capabilities and the added safety features, including the unique CAPS, Cirrus Airframe Parachute System are just a few innovations that make the Cirrus such a wonderful training aircraft. Schedule your introductory flight in one of our air-conditioned Cirrus Aircraft today and get started on this adventure.
  1. Minimum 16 years old
  2. US Citizen or TSA approval of foreign nationality (
  3. Minimum 40 aircraft hours (70 hours national average)
  4. Ground School – 60 hours average
  5. Successful completion of knowledge exam and practical test.
  6. Estimate 12 to 20 weeks of training based on 2 lessons/week.
  7. Accelerated training is available (4 week duration).
  8. Approximate cost is $16,000-30,000 all inclusive (depending on aircraft and training time).