It’s possible you could have an engine failure today if you don’t do this one simple thing.

The month of August not only brings hot, hazy, and humid conditions, it is also the peak month of fuel vapor formation for your Cirrus.

We all know our electric boost pump has only one job after the engine is started—to mitigate fuel vapors. The Cirrus is likely to experience fuel vapor formation due to its inherent design (no cowl flaps for one thing) therefore we must be extra vigilant during summer months.

In an effort to mitigate the formation of fuel vapors, the Climb and Cruise checklists state that the boost pump should be ON if fuel vapors are suspected. Sooo, how does one formulate enough suspicion to follow this recommendation? Pretty simple actually. Just leave the boost pump on continuously in the summertime—engine start to engine shutdown.

There is a contingent of folks who disregard the checklist and do not use boost in the summer. They do so under the guise of “I might wear it out”.

Enjoy the summer weather and don’t forget to leave that boost pump ON!

Knowledge = Safety

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