About the Use of Technology

I find it appalling that the vast majority of flight instructors (and flight schools) that I know every day do not encourage / teach the use of technology inside and outside the cockpit. Your students do not use ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot for flight planning such as weather, NOTAMS and the preferred route (they depend on a landline call to the FSS) and have no practical knowledge of the ADS-B device on their aircraft (weather, traffic and obstacles). Unfortunately, many of these pilots will move to advanced cabins without technological bases and will be forced to grope or, even worse, ignore this technology when the ADS-B 2020 mandate takes effect. The FAA would like to see an increase in flight planning knowledge in 2019 to better prepare the next generation of pilots. Do not get left behind: get on the board and insist on learning the basics of flight planning for your ADS-B device. Knowledge = Security #Flysafe #Avgeek

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