Are two hands better than one?

This snapshot was taken seconds away from a serious crash that happened recently during landing. Can you see the mistake the pilot is making?
From time to time I observe a pilot gripping the yoke with two hands during the takeoff roll or landing flare and rollout. Doing so usually commits a pilot to takeoff or landing without the option of aborting or going around. The pilot in this photo lost directional control during the landing rollout, went full throttle and hung on to the yoke with both hands as the airplane accelerated across the grass hitting a hanger at high speed.
In hindsight this pilot could have aborted the attempted go around had his hand been on the throttle.
Don’t be an accident statistic - always have an “out” if things start looking unsafe. PLEASE keep your hands where they belong 👏
Lesson learned.
Fly safe friends ✈️


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