You should have your head examined if you don’t hold a BasicMed certificate in addition to your regular Third Class Medical..
Several times each year I am handed an expired FAA medical or one about to expire by a clueless pilot. They are always astonished to hear this revelation. Additionally, this past year (the pandemic) was a wake up call to many aviators that getting a medical isn’t always so easy. Many of us were grounded waiting for the FAA to grant an emergency extension because we didn’t have BasicMed.
Getting BasicMed is as easy as surfing FaceBook. You simply log in and answer several questions. You print out a medical history form and take it to ANY doctor where he fills it out after your annual physical (while you wait!). You are good to go for FOUR years no matter your age!!!
I have both certificates and always will. So should you!
Disclaimer: Disqualifying health conditions void ALL medical certificates

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