Maintaining a stabilized approach

You see this PAPI indication as you approach 500 ft and realize you are too fast for landing flaps. You pitch up to reduce airspeed and suddenly find the PAPI indicating all white. You commence a go-around due to the unstable final.
Did you take appropriate corrective action to reduce airspeed ?
One of the most common debates is pitch vs power to correct airspeed or altitude deviations. Most instructors incorrectly “dumb down” this debate by preaching “pitch for airspeed and power for altitude“.
The FAA Airplane Flying Handbook states that we must first adjust power (increase or decrease) THEN pitch to accomplish the correction regardless of whether we are correcting airspeed or altitude. The exception to this rule is in unpowered flight (gliding) or during full power climbs when only pitch can make the correction.
You should have reduced power to achieve flap extension speed and pitched to maintain glide path (red/white).
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