What is the big deal with being a Commercial pilot anyway?

So what is the big deal with being a Commercial pilot anyway? Aren’t you just a glorified Private pilot?
The FAA distinguishes the two with basically two words - Proactive vs. Reactive. A Commercial pilot is expected to have superior knowledge, common sense, and skill to better anticipate a problem and take corrective action before it balloons into an unsafe condition.
The Commercial Pilot ACS demands tighter standards in airspeed, bank, and altitude control to mitigate the potential for pilot deviations. The addition of a task called a Chandelle equips the pilot for a quick safe exit after inadvertently entering a box canyon or other high terrain. Then there is the steep spiral and power off 180 tasks that Commercial pilots use to land a stricken airplane without undershooting or overshooting the intended emergency landing spot. And let’s not forget the 8’s on pylons task that hones tight banking skills down low for those emergency landings.
The carriage of passengers for hire demands a pilot who has these qualities - shouldn’t we all strive for Commercial pilot quality flying with just our family and friends aboard?
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Fly safe friends


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